Within the VKR Group, we are mindful of our employees and society around us

Social responsibility is core to our values

VKR-værdierSocial responsibility and integrity have been core values for the VKR Group from the outset. In 1965, Villum Kann Rasmussen formulated the Model Company Objective, which has since served as a beacon for the VKR Group.

The year 1971 saw the founding of what is now VILLUM FONDEN, while VELUX FONDEN was created in 1981. The two foundations together, known as THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS, have since supported a wide range of non-profit purposes. In 1991, the two foundations were supplemented by the Employee Foundation for the VKR Group, which was mandated to assist employees in the event of unexpected and unfortunate situations, and to support the children of employees with educational grants.

The Employee Foundation exemplifies the concept of the Model Company Objective by assisting individual employees and their local communities alike. In this way, the spirit of Villum Kann Rasmussen lives on through the activities of the Employee Foundation, which also confers the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award on employees for outstanding achievements.


”The purpose of the VKR Group is to establish a number of Model Companies which cooperate in an exemplary manner”

Since 1965, when Villum Kann Rasmussen formulated the Model Company Objective, it has served as a beacon for the VKR Group.

According to the Objective, a Model Company is committed to products that are useful to society. Equally, the company shall treat its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders better than most other companies.

But a Model Company also needs to make a profit in order to finance growth and maintain financial independence.

We recognise outstanding
achievements by individuals


Each year, the Employee Foundation confers the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award on employees who in their exceptional personal achievements have far exceeded expectations. The recipients are selected based on qualities that exemplify Villum Kann Rasmussen’s Model Company Objective;

•   Special commitment and great loyalty
•   Diligent and quality-conscious work performance
   Inventiveness and dynamism
   Helpfulness towards colleagues
•   Infectious enthusiasm for their work

It is not possible for employees to nominate themselves for the award. The local recommendation committees and company managements can nominate a candidate from among the employees and write a letter of recommendation setting out its reasons, which it then submits to the Board. Based on the recommendation letters, the Board selects the employees who are to receive the award in the subsequent year.

The award is conferred annually on the anniversary of the birth of the late Villum Kann Rasmussen on 23 January. The distinction is accompanied by a certificate and a gift. The Award is primarily a distinction recognising the exemplary individualised achievements of employees in different parts of the VKR Group.

If you believe that one of your colleagues is a deserving candidate for the Award, contact your local recommendation committee to let them know the name of this person.


Villum Kann Rasmussen

The Villum Kann Rasmussen Award
– the year’s award recipients

VELUX A/S, Hørsholm

With his focus on detail and excellent market insight, he has for more than 25 years worked with and had crucial influence on the electrical VELUX product programme. With his huge detailed knowledge within his field, he is always well-prepared and motivated in his cooperation with both external partners and close colleagues, and regardless the extent of work Henrik works constructively and dedicated and receives huge recognition among all colleagues for his exemplary and kind behaviour.


Teresa is the embodiment of loyalty and dedication. In her longstanding career in Finance for the company, Teresa has taken on many different responsibilities. She is highly trusted by employees and customers for her very humble approach combined with a high level of expertise. As a role model for integrity she treats every penny as it were her own, helping colleagues understand the importance of ethical handling on company finances. Her calm manner puts customers at ease during difficult conversations, and her colleagues highly respect and value this professional quality.

DOVISTA Polska Sp. z o.o.

Halina’s attention to detail is reflected in a wide variety of tasks, which translates into results for the entire organisation. She has always worked in production and currently, she is the Supervisor responsible for the painting area. She knows the production processes and the products extremely well. Halina constantly improves the quality of her work and the work of her team, while developing their commitment. She follows the company’s values, her energy creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace, and she is highly appreciated and trusted by her colleagues.

S.C. VELUX România S.R.L.

Throughout his long career with the company as a Service technician and Technical sales manager, his most important focus has been to offer the best VELUX experience and outstanding services to our customers. His invaluable expertise and vast knowledge are highly appreciated among our business partners and colleagues alike. He enjoys working with people and strives to find the right solutions using his excellent technical skills and inventiveness. Andrei is a team player, highly committed and appreciated within the company.

VELUX Deutschland GmbH

As a Sales manager in the DACH organisation, he is much respected for his well-considered and constructive inputs. He is highly regarded by colleagues and business partners alike for his open-mindedness and his focus on development. His colleagues and his team particularly value him for his exceptional reliability and dedication to the team. In the past, he has not only offered professional and personal support, but also shown outstanding commitment and personal integrity to team members and their families in times of need.

NM Polska Sp. z o.o.

Always committed and ambitious, she creates a positive atmosphere among her colleagues. Joanna began working as a Machine operator, and a few years later she became Shift leader. She always approaches her tasks with full responsibility, willingly supports her colleagues, and participates in development projects in her department and the factory as well. Her holistic approach, skills, and ability to achieve goals that exceed expectations make her a role model and one of the most respected leaders in the factory.

Gåsdal Bygningsindustri A/S

Since 1989, he has worked with warehouse and quality within DSP with strong commitment. His knowledge of quality and business combined with his huge know-how of products and systems, makes him a highly respected key player. He is the driving force behind many of the improvements that the DSP department has implemented. Erik has focus on his colleagues’ well-being, and his cheerful remarks are always welcome. He is not afraid of change, and he has learned that tomorrow is always a bit different from today.

Svenska Fönster AB

In his job as a Service worker, he always carefully considers how a given choice may affect the entire chain, not just his own department, and he always does his utmost to make it as good as possible for everyone. By way of his huge commitment to Svenska Fönster and his contagious joyfulness, he enhances the social cohesion and the working atmosphere in the department and makes all colleagues feel good and do their best. Not only is he a great role model at Svenska Fönster, but also a model employee for DOVISTA and the VKR Group.

VELFAC A/S, Horsens

His insights and understanding for the customers and the business make him a key figure as Technical manager for the Danish Project Sales. He is extremely welcoming and helpful across the entire business and not least with our customers. A huge passion and great commitment drive his daily work and add great value to the business. In high spirits he goes the extra mile, and always with quality in mind. His proactive, solution-oriented approach ensures that the team reach their goals and beyond. Peter is respected and extremely popular among his colleagues.

VELUX Srbija d.o.o.

Over the years, Tamara has worked in every role that a sales company has to offer and with equal determination and dedication. This mindset has been essential in her journey from an Office assistant to becoming a General manager. Tamara always sets a good example and serves as an inspiration to everyone in the region: She takes on mentorships, helps develop new employees, and is extremely helpful. Her skill set has broadened over her years with the Group as her services have often been in demand inside and outside of Serbia.

JTJ Sonneborn Industrie GmbH

He began as a blue-collar worker in the production and began showing a strong interest in quality matters. During his long-standing employment, he developed his skills and moved to the quality assurance department and is today the Coordinator for the Windows PU-Process. His motto is “Quality first” and he is a great supporter for the production and helps with recommendations to improve the quality every day. Holger works very solution-oriented and provides valuable work in a pragmatic and highly skilled way, in local matters as well as in the international factory groups.

VKR France S.A.S.

He works on the cutting line in the panes production, takes pride in low rejection rates, and has been a great contributor to reduce waste. He takes care of the training of present and new colleagues on the cutting line, and when best practice needs to be exchanged with other VELUX factories, he always volunteers to do it. Patrick is a dedicated member of the workers’ council and shares relevant information with his colleagues. With his commitment and constructive spirit, he is an important, reliable, and positive member of the workforce.

TVC Holdings LLC

Her VELUX career began as a high school apprentice. She obtained her degree by attending University classes in the evenings while also filling the role of single parent of four children. As Front Office Supervisor, she takes initiative to collaborate and reach goals both locally and globally in the most positive way. She has a constructive mindset and is a team player who works well with others by establishing effective and trusting relationships. Always acting consistently under pressure, she is a perfect example of how working constructively yields exceptional effectiveness.

BKR ČR, s.r.o.

Robert is a long-standing, positive, and loyal employee with BKR-CZ, since 2001 as a warehouse employee for the electro production. He also holds the position of instructor, trains new colleagues, and he is a member of the company’s emergency and fire patrols. He has even defied the elements in the most difficult situations in the area, such as fire or flood, and he is always helping in the front line. Robert takes good care of his premises and he does not go home until the job is done, no matter the time.