Financial support for employees


Zosia, from Poland, was just three years old when her parents realised that her vision was impaired. She had to undergo many tests and operations to prevent the eye disease from causing total vision loss.

In the future, Zosia will also need special contact lenses, several pairs of glasses and further tests.

Her father, Rafał Izydorek, who works for NB Polska, took the opportunity to apply to the Employee Foundation for support to cover some of the many expenses: “I can’t describe the joy I felt on receiving the grant award letter from the Employee Foundation. This was a difficult situation for us, but all at once the future seemed brighter, and I don’t mind telling you that my wife and I shed tears of joy”.

”We are hoping that our daughter will end up with normal vision. The specialists who look after her keep telling us that ophthalmology is a field of research that is making rapid advances, with promising results. So our hope is that a new treatment will come out that will help Zosia”, says Rafał Izydorek.

Siblings make great progress in their vocational training

Gábor and Aletta are the children of Gáborné Berna, who has worked for VELUX Magyarország LKR Kft. since 2012. They both opted for vocational training, which means they are helping to meet the demand for skilled workers reported by many countries.

With his training as a carpenter, Gábor Berna, 20, has found his vocation. He has always enjoyed spending time in local forests, surrounded by living wood, and was inspired by the carpentry trade when the time came to choose his educational path. As a carpenter he gets to work with wood creatively and practically.

Gábor has completed his training but is staying on at college to gain further qualifications in the hope of a future as a self-employed master carpenter. He works part-time at the company where he was an apprentice while he was at the vocational college.

Support for community projects

Hradištanka, the children’s and youth orchestra from the Slovakian city of Hradište, has given almost 400 concerts around Europe over 35 years.

The orchestra nurtures youth musicality. Its passion for music engenders a sense of responsibility and individual development, while also passing on Slovakian musical heritage from one generation to the next. Hradištanka is extremely successful and was voted Slovakia’s best youth orchestra in 2018.

Several employees from Partizánske Building Components-SK serve the orchestra as volunteers; either as performing musicians or with their own children in the orchestra. They have created the link between the Employee Foundation and Hradištanka.

The Employee Foundation’s grant ensures that the orchestra can continue to pursue its vision and purchase new instruments, such as drums and glockenspiels.

Belgian school mobilises pupils to cycle

A Belgian secondary school, Saint-Joseph-aux-Champs, has built a bike shed for its many cyclists.

For more than two years, the school has been running a campaign to encourage pupils to cycle more. The campaign collaborated with the non-profit organisation Pro Velo, which offers training in road safety for cyclists and cycling for health and sustainability. A number of school trips were also undertaken by bike.

As a result, twice as many pupils now cycle to and from school. However, the school lacked a proper bike shed. Saint-Joseph-aux-Champs has around 250 pupils and 20 employees, and the school’s parents’ association has worked hard to raise funds for a new bike shed.

The grant from the Employee Foundation has been spent on bike racks to encourage even more pupils to cycle to and from school.


December 2020

We are pleased to announce that the board meeting on 3 December 2020 decided to reduce the service requirement to one year for applicants who apply for employee purposes effective from 1 January 2021.

Please note that the Corona emergency fund terminates by year-end 2020. To this date, the fund has helped almost 400 employees and their families with support of DKK 3.9 million.

The meeting approved about DKK 2.4 million that distributes as follows:

Employee purposes: 109 grants
Community support: 31 grants

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